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  3. Mazda xD

    Raport kiss

    Your Nick: Mazda xD The complainant's nick: kiss Date and time : just now Reason for complaint: i was talk with 212r3d4 whehe he kill afk i told him why you kill my kill he told me sorry i told him next rmv though I was joking with him. Then kiss give me kick !!!!!! i entered to server again i said Who give me kick he told me play and shut up and next ban i told him you shut up he give me ban reseaux respect admin (you dont know respect idiot ) respect to be respected Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): https://imgur.com/a/Fe51FXV Other: -1 / -2
  4. Phantomas

    Admin Ars3N

    Acceptat PM cu nick si parola
  5. Ars3N01

    Admin Ars3N

    * Nick : Ars3N * Steam ID (cifre) / YahooID / Skype / Email : alexandrutig2@gmail.com * Varsta :27 * Link GT cu orele jucate : - * Motivul cererii de admin : campanie.. * Ai citit regulamentul ? :  -
  6. hamiddz

    [Concurs] Luna Decembrie WITH SURPRISE !

    1.Name: hakim 2.nick: pablou[;x] 3.ID Y!M / STEAM: _ 4.Have you read the rules ?: BienSur! 5.Link Game Tracker: https://www.gametracker.com/player/GDFR/ 6.Why do you want admin here? : For Watching the cheaters and ban them if i have acc ban them if dont tell admins . 7.Describes your activity in recent days: I play in server daily and watch campers and cheaters 8.Admin on day or night?: both Edited 7 hours ago by GDFR
  7. Wolfy28

    Cerere Banner

    Multumesc mult , o sa astept si alte propuneri
  8. RIYAD

    Request for Helper

    pro Godd luck
  9. RIYAD

    make plz

    respect model Contra
  10. Denisa

    Cerere Semnatura

  11. RIYAD

    Make me slot plz

    pro slot but more active
  12. RIYAD

    please i swear

    Contra respect model
  13. @_@KaiN-

    Oferta Owner !

    Dupa cum spune si titlul , ofer unei persoane owner pe AnarQia18.RangFort,Ro --> Pentru a se ocupa cu playerii/adminii si tot ce se intampla pe server. Eu nu prea am timp , de accea vreau o persoana serioasa. OBLIGATORIU: Nume cs : Varsta reala: CNP : (primele 3 cifre) Contact : Skype , instragram , fb , wapp ( una dintre aceste metode ) : Experienta :
  14. * ^^SkuLL * ^^!.

    Cerere Admin

    # Numele cu care joci: * ^^SkuLL * ^^!. # Steam: Da / Nu nu # Varsta (obligatoriu): 17 # Experienta ca admin: 3-4 ani # Motivul pentru care vrei sa fi admin: sa ajut sv de codati si multe altele. # Esti de acord cu regulamentul?: Da # Link cu orele jucate:nu imi merge gametraker dar am 23 h va puteti uita # Esti dispus sa ajuti serverul cu o donatie?: in timp. # Alte informatii: -
  15. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Cerere admin - Qneek

  16. @_@KaiN-


    New :
  17. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Voteaza zilnic pe csservers!

  18. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Voteaza zilnic pe freakz!

    # 6 PC
  19. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Voteaza zilnic pe freakz!

    PC Vote 8
  20. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Voteaza zilnic pe freakz!

    Vote. 7
  21. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Voteaza zilnic pe csservers!

    PC vote
  22. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

    Voteaza zilnic pe csservers!

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