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  1. A friend of mine left this world with a long illness a few weeks ago. He was really my friend, he was a good man and he did really well when he got the chance and helped people when they ask him.

    May God have mercy on him!


  2. Forever Ona Göre



  3. I will come back alone as I was before :))
    And that's better to be alone than to be people I do not want !

  4. Who are you? I am a demon with everyone and an angel to myself.

  5. this is bullshit ........

    We appreciate them and they do not appreciate us.

    I like helping everyone but nobody help me !

    1. asassinul


      I help you I !!

    2. Mahmoud


      I know and I appreciate your help


    1. Cazador


      This song is so lame, specialy when u know the clips are fake and she is owned by a very big company and they do this bad. If I where you I'd go for some soft rock since I know its pure sincere feelings and I love to see real stuff. SHE IS JUST TRYING TO GET YOU GUYS TO FEEL BETTER SO SHE CAN BECOME MORE FAMOUS. She's feeling fine, thats the difference between rockstars and "popstars". :))

    2. Cazador
  7. Ramadan Kareem




  8. Very cool I am see lot of Arabs here :))

  9. %D9%85%D8%B5%D8%B1.jpg 

    1. Hamza $

      Hamza $

      Nice :) i send u pw + nick


      + i am muslim like u :)

      i am from algeria

  10. I am an Egyptian Arab and proud :)

  11. I am an Arab and proud :D

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