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  1. Good luck in another competition !
  2. take first place C.I.@:Dany____:) and second Crunk and exclude Bella reason does not have account CrYNNu already OWNER =)) excluded AndreiMRZ reason insulted ADMINISTRATORS excluded eliona* reason does not have account Finally take Panda:3 the third place Everyone should connect me pm to take their prize
  3. *Nick admin: Wolf ^ *The reason: Activity *Sanction (downgrade/remove/suspend): remove *Period penalty (after how long is allowed to apply for admin): 7 days
  4. Mahmoud

    ZM ♛ Boost !

    Nick: Mero^ Ora boost: 12:46
  5. I will learn Romanian, tired of using this shit GOOGLE TRANSLATOR
  6. As i remember man, You tried many times to go back, but you were rejected by all and also That made you search a lot on GOOGLE for addons ZM 6.3 and u found it, You opened many servers here and there but u did not succeeded, I know the reasons but i can't say In any case this was happy in the past for your comment have a nice day !
  7. De azi admini care nu va ocupati de urmatoarele: 1. Nu va ocupati de codati ! 2. Nu dati vot ! 3. Ignorati playeri cand va cer ajutor ! 4. Schimbati hartile cand va vine voua ! 5. Dati slay,slap aiurea ! 6. Nu aveti banlist ! 7.Nu aveti activitate atat pe forum cat si pe server ! Veti primi instant *REMOVE* respectiv -1.
  8. You will be put to the test any mistake will get an immediate removal !
  9. Mahmoud


    هلا بيك يحبيبي لا تنشئ مواضيع غير مهمه مره اخري
  10. We will be give warning to him this time and the next time the removal.
  11. I already use this TAG do you want? Well you get what you want =))
  12. *Nick admin: Mr .Monir *The reason: Activity *Sanction (downgrade/remove/suspend): remove *Period penalty (after how long is allowed to apply for admin): 7 days
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