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Cerere moderator. RESPINS


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Nume : Chris 
Nick : Cord
Vârstă : 20
Motiv : I Want To be a part Of this community,Within this group (Zona IT), there is no  moderators who stand out too much
Adresa de contact : Here 
Timp alocat forumului : 3-4 hours in day 
Ce secţiuni doreşti să moderezi?: ZonaIT (Software & Hardware)
De ce ai ales aceste sectiuni?: Because i know some information and,this is my favorite specialty
De ce doreşti să moderezi în această comunitate?: To help This Community. It's a very successful community, and deserve respect :)
Ai mai moderat pe IPB?: Yes
Ce înţelegi prin "Post hunt"?: When Someone Post where he should not to post 
Ce înţelegi prin "Dublu post"?: 2 Or More Consecutive positions in a short time without using the button Edit
Ce înseamnă "Warez"?: Pirate.
Ce înseamnă "NSFW"?:  Not Safe for Work (18+)
Care este diferenţa dintre post hunt şi off-topic?: Post the job hunt is done in vain. Off-topic represents the post which change the subject to a topic. For example, if I post about puppies into a topic
Ce planuri ai ca să sporeşti activitatea membrilor în secţiunile pe care doreşti să le moderezi ?: Community members want to learn more news from the Fullness
ZonaIT. And To make people Love This Community.
Ai citit regulamentul forumului ?: Yes
@ Skadi - First  think i speak with blackpearl about that's 2 warning he said it's okay (he decide)
2-Why You think i have not activity?


Edited by Cord
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Guest Skadi.

Contra, ai 2 warn-uri la activ. Si pana acum, la Zona IT ai facut cateva topicuri in ultimele 2-3 zile. Asta nu e activitate de Moderator, parerea mea.


Edit: Why i think you don't have activity? It's simple, in ~3 days everyone can post some topics. :)

And also, my opinion about your warns still stands. 

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First of all, as I am old moderator in this community forgive me to put my opinion here without warning please cause my opinion will advise you, That person is lie !!! He steal my name Chris his real name is "Mohammad" something like that from Arabian country, second thing he steals my request moderator copy/paste third thing his information lie he don't understand what means post-hunting plus he have warn, and as skadi said before in 3 days he can open some topics ? and the more importantly in this subject that he must proved himself by his own field not copy/paste


With respect Chris.


Post sanctionat. / Motiv: Doar membrii staffului au dreptul de a posta aici.
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